Candlelight Dinner

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Following an apéritif (a drink) you are invited by “la chatelaine” or “le chatelain” to sit at the Dining Room table. The candlelight dinner is generally the moment at which you can discover the intimate life of the castle of both yesteryear and today. Jean-Marie may tell you the story of the friendly but ill-fated ghost of the castle or the life of men and women who inhabited the castle centuries ago. Most important you may share exciting experiences with other guests sitting at the table.

Wine bottles are placed at one end of the table. Candles, standing there, will be lit as soon as the daylight declines.

The whole thing really begins mid-afternoon, the time at which Chiara goes to pick up herbs, vegetables and possibly fruit from the gardens and orchards.

In season she starts at Jardin de Lumière, the garden dedicated to the castle life. She could, according to her needs, select courgettes, tomatoes, salads, marrows, swiss chards, salsify, …She may also pick up medieval vegetables, such as orach, burdock, parsnip, … Later on she will go to the Garden of berries for raspberries, strawberries, black current, gooseberries, winter cherries, … Proceeding to the orchard she may get mulberries, dogwood fruit, medlar, quince for jam, …or other fruit for a pie.

She will end up in l’Hortus Conclusus, the medieval closed garden, for collecting on the top of her basket, parsley, basil, mint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, … as well as a few flowers of borage, nasturtium, …to decorate salads.

Sometimes, out of curiosity, she will bring back very uncommon plants for the guests to smell or taste.


Come and share the French “Art de la table”. Come and discover forgotten flavours.

Come to experienceSlow Food and “Fraîch’attitude !


Tables d'hôtes-Dinner rates 2017

48€/adult, all included: apéritif, entree, main course with meat or fish and plenty of vegetables, dessert, wines, coffee/tea/herbal tea

30€/teen from 14 to 18 y.o.

20€/child from 6 to 13 y.o.

8€/child from 3 tot 5 y.o.

complimentary for childs less than 3 y.o. (one high chair available)

Tables d'hôtes