Offer a dream stay

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Offer a memorable stay to your parents, your children, your friends …or to honour a colleague, to celebrate a person’s retirement, to reward a member of your team, …

You select a room, dinner or not and, why not, a bottle of champagne, or else, to welcome them upon arrival!

We will be glad to mail you a letter of invitation addressed to the individual(s) you plan to honor. You will donate this gift along with a short presentation of your choice or during a celebration.


How to proceed:

- let us know, by mail or telephone, your decision to offer a gift.

- specify which room you had chosen and, possibly, the candlelight dinner/table d'hotes too.

- mention the names of the "donators" and the names of the persons who will enjoy the gift.

- confirm the cost

- we mail an invitation letter that you will hand out to the people receiving the gift

- give the gift during a ceremony (birthday, celebration of a wedding anniversary, lottery, retirement party, ...)

- forward a french Euro cheque or wire money from bank to bank or preferably through PayPal upon our request.

- generally, the persons benefiting from the gift call us to reserve and finalise the date at which they will be coming to Château de la Motte