Château de la Motte Gardens

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These gardens were inspired by medieval illuminations. We built them progressively between 2001 and 2006. They symbolize a jewel case enhancing the 15th century castle. The structure of medieval gardens is geometric and represents the Paradise protected from the real world with vegetal walls and flowers. A fountain rests in the very heart of the garden, source of life and purification. This is Hortus Conclusus with its medicinal and aromatic herbs.

Other gardens were placed around the castle, such as the Small Berries Garden, the Orchard, the large Vegetable garden, the small Forest of twelve different species. Even a witch garden is hidden away!

The Jardin de Lumière is a collection of essentially annual plants for food but also for textile, fibres or dyestuffs. Among the vegetables we have some species which are not any longer part of our day to day meals. Some are there to provide healthy food and we borrow the best vegetables from remote countries, thus making our way to the future. Flower beds provide flowers for the aesthetics of the dining room table and the guest rooms.


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Comité des Parcs et Jardins de France



Specific parking area reserved for guests' car, motorbike, bicycle, at the foot of the castle. Sheltered place available

Large car park  for visitors or non-resident groups near the property entrance.


Swimming pool (unattended)


La Piscine du Château


Warning : while the pool is up to safety regulations, this a place of danger. We would require you to read and obey regulations prior to coming into this area. Persons under 18 y.o. need to be attended by a responsable adult at all times. The gate needs to be locked in all instances