The Doves Paradise

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A non-conventional dwelling for dissenters!

A dovecote as hosts' house to meet the unusual.

A comfortable nest to break the dullness of your daily environment.

Come to spend a night, or several, in a unique and surprising place.

Satisfy your aspiration, your whims and your small touch of madness!

Our hosts say it to us, the Château de la Motte in Usseau is a magic place. But they have not seen the Dovecote yet, another magic place of a totally different kind. The first one is an alive and comfortable fortress of the XVth century while the Dovecote is a place of high tech intimacy of the XXIth century. A space closed by serenity, by peace, by relaxing atmosphere where to come to get fresh ideas. You can personalize your lighting by its LEDs of colors activated by remote control (color therapy) and by an olfactive atmosphere (aromatherapy) of your choice there.


Even if you are very fond of integral "cocooning" in the Dovecote you have access to the outside world by the WiFi and the satellite television. The balnéo bath, the multi-jets shower, the Japanese toilet shall contribute to make you leave for some time this crazy world which surrounds us. Buy some good local wines (Haut-Poitou and of the Val de Loire), please yourselves with truffles, "foie-gras", saffron yellow and other delicacies which will make you reach the 7th sky in your "bubble" of tuffeau.


Imagine the rustle of 800 doves which populated this place and the cooing of  birds in love!

Quiet down with some DVD's of your choice without giving up your seat in the comfortable sofa. Pull the drapes and take advantage of this place day and night.


The Dovecote of Château de la Motte is awaiting your coming!


En entrant par la porte vitrée après avoir gravi quelques marches vous arrivez tout d'abord dans l'espace repas devant l'espace cuisine. Vous voyez les télécommandes des LED pour votre choix d'ambiance. A vous de prendre possession de votre nouvel environnement !


2017 RATES

the Dovecote

Selfcatering : 1 bedroom (1D), kitchen, sitting room


from 17 juinto 17 september
heating cost from 1-10 to 15-05
Number of bedrooms
1 1
Days of stay
2 3 4 5 6 7 3 4 5 6 7
from saterday to friday included

min. 3 nights

575€ 690€ 805€
Cleaning fee 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€

*we favor full week reservations during the high season, long in advance. However, you may try to reserve a few weeks prior to the date you are looking for