Château de la Motte, a magical place!

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Château de la Motte, as it exists, was built as a fortress around 1465. Its style is still markedly impregnated with the Hundred Year War features.

It corresponds to a former castle, built on a hill, called “motte & bailey” and dating back to the 12-13th centuries, when this part of France was owned by the kings of England. Its lord was bestowed with low, medium and high justice rights which made him a powerful man.

Come with us to discover the pages of French history and the stories of virtuous knights, members of the Boucicaut family, field marshals of France, and of William du Bec of Viking origin who was the builder of today’s castle. Dream with us of handsome ladies such as Isabelle de Poissy and Ysabeau de Poitiers, two generations before the famous Diane de Poitiers, a lover of King Henri II of France.

Experience the architecture of Château de la Motte. You will be able to see the château’s arrow slits, battlements, ramparts, crenulations and machicolation, and admire a few fireplaces dating back from the 15th and 18th centuries.

You will climb the winding stone staircase to reach the highest level of the castle where the watchtower still dominates the surrounding countryside.

The “motte and bailey” (mound and enclosed courtyard) is still there, cleared of the former castle. This is a unique hanging garden, the living heart of the whole structure.

Perhaps you will have the chance to hear Baudart, our gentle ghost, getting out from the old well into which he was thrown down more than five hundred years ago.

Jean-Marie will be pleased to tell you stories and the history of Château de la Motte. See you soon!

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